Topic: Should there be more games for 200 Points?

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I like to make impulse buys with the 200 Points games. Anything higher and I have to give it some thought.

Companies should really set out to make small but hugely replayable entertaining games.

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All Nintendo need to do is have sales like PSN.

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Should there be more good games for 200 Points

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I cant see how this would be possible with the Wii U or even the Wii because if you want a good game and it to be in HD thats gonna cost some money.
Portable gaming wise... maybe........ there has be only one game on the eshop that is in 3D and is only $2. However this game has recieved mix reviews.... and it short.

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Escape Go!, Undead Storm and Birds 3D (this for 3ds) are excellent games for only 200 points. I don´t know if there are more i have that. Castle Conqueror Against (200 points) is good but it lacks the same replay value of Castle Conqueror Heroes (500 points).

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firearrow505 wrote:

All Nintendo need to do is have sales like PSN.


This game is like, somewhere around 500 Points. If shovelware like this that makes Ninjabread Man look like Xenoblade is 500 Points, I agree. We do need sales like PSN

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I think there should be more 200 point dsiware (well, just as long as they're good and they are no cheap clock or calculator)

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