Topic: Should i get Art Style:BASE 10, or Art Style:Pictobits?

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I haven't tried Base 10 yet, but PictoBits is my favorite DSiWare game, so I'd say get that.

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I don't have Base 10, but I do have Pictobits, and it is easily my fave Art style. It gets quite hard the further you get, so be prepared for frustration.

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for me i've gotta say pictobits because even if you beat it always makes you go back for more.
oh yea has any one notice that only art style game is being released to the us each month?!

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Pictobits. I honestly don't think any artstyle game will beat it.
It's got style, nostalgia, excellent music and addictive gameplay.
What's NOT to like. lol



PiCTOBiTS, awesome music and frantic gameplay. Base 10 is kind of blah, it's tied with Aquia as my least favorite Art Style game (I've only played about 45 min. so far but my thoughts could change).

BTW, Art Style: Boxlife is also a great game.



Base 10 is Fun too just chain numbers together to create 10 But Yeah PictoBits is fun till the end

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I'd say Base 10, the whole maths idea is good and the gameplay is addictive, PiCTOBiTS is good too though.

Overall, my scores for the Art Styles

Base 10 - 9/10
PiCTOBiTS - 8/10
BOXLIFE - 10/10
Aquia - 7/10

Anyways, if you don't have Boxlife yet, get that, if you have it already, get Base 10.

I hope I was helpful.


So far, here are my scores for the other DSiWare art styles:

Pictobits: 8.2/10
Aquia: 8.5/10
Boxlife: 8.3/10

I just gave it an 8.4, so I'd get that.

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Haven't tried Base 10 i say Boxlife is the best then Picobits then Aquia just get them all.

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Base10: 9
PictoBits: 8.5
BoxLife: 8.5

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After playing Base 10 a bit longer, it's pretty cool. Aquia is now my least favorite Art Style game. I'd rate them like this:
BoxLife: 9
Base 10: 8

I hope the last 2 Art Style games come to the US soon.



If you're not a Nintendo character and retro nut, Pictobits is very limited in how enjoyable it is. I got sick of it a long time ago.

If you are, I can understand the appeal.

Art Style: Code (Base 10 for Americans) is the second best on the DS, just behind Kubos. It's challenging, but addictive, with a strong 2 player game (that only requires one copy of the game), and plenty of game modes to keep coming back to.


Pictobits first, Base 10 second...

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Get Pictobits, it has more replay value!

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