Topic: Should I Get Aquia, Clubhouse Games, or Dr. Mario?

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Aquia. Support original games.

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If you like Tetris, you will like Aquia. It's like making 3 blocks in a row and they will be cleared. Sounds simple but you will find the depth of the game once you played it.



I haven't played clubhouse games, but I did download Aquia and Dr Mario...I enjoy them both but they are two entirely different games. If you are sentimental towards Mario, you know the choice...But Aquia has a very interesting tetris like game play...All around appeal, Dr Mario has it...

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I'd recommend Aquia over Dr. Mario if you're able to get the WiiWare version instead.



Clubhouse Games Maybe? Enjoy Now You Can Cus Europe Doesent Got It Yet!

Told You So!


Go on YouTube and look at screenshots of all the games. Aquia LOOKS cool but actually I hate it. Dr Mario looked great on YouTube and I downloaded that and its replay value is A+! Don't buy Aquia without doing your homework first on youtube.

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