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would'nt it be great if scribblenauts had co-op or multi player the fun would be endless you could have different modes for instance ,combat mode were you face each other and such but what do you think?

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ya but the combat would be whoever could think of the best weapon first lol and if someone automatically picked atomic bomb both of them would be dead . i heard there was a custom levil designer and that you could share them with friends and over wi-fi so that would be fun to make hard levels for yourself or your friends

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I can't wait for the level designer
Finally developers understand that people LOVE making their own stuff and put level editors and level sharing in games. And that's awesome because that means you'll always get new levels and can see the imagination and talent of people from all over the world
(at least I hope it's global it would be a shame to miss out all the good things from other continents)

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


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