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Has anyone bought this yet?


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I'm currently thinking of buying this, but I'm new to the whole music creation thing and I don't know if it would be worth buying this application.

Also, just from the screenshots, it looks really confusing. It'd be nice to see what people think and if it would be worth me buying it or not.

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Hmpf. I have downloaded this and just now noticed this thread. It takes a lot to get use to, but once you do it's nice for playing with on the go. There are a lot of features missing that could make it a lot better, export to mp3 or wav would benefit it. The controls are not that difficult once you get use to them. If you are a DJ it could be a fun way to mix up your repartee, but you'd need a headphone to audio line adapter for the 3DS, it's the only reliable way to get the audio off the 3DS and to something else. So basically, if you just want to play around with music, it's worth the price, if you are looking for something a bit more in line with the professional apps, wait a bit, hopefully they'll make a better one for the 3DS soon.

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