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She is not much of a gamer but owns a DSI XL Mario Edition..and she just played through pokemon black. Any suggestions?



Animal Crossing Wild World, Nintendogs, Warioware: Touched!, Mario Kart DS, Mario Party DS, Pokemon Black and White 2. Those might be good for her!

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Does she like farming games? She could try Harvest Moon. There's plenty for the DS! You take care of animals, plant vegetables and fruit, and can get married.

EDIT: Oh! Or maybe even some Kirby games? I love Kirby!

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Kirby Superstar Ultra, Kirby Squeak Squad, Kirby Mass Attack, Kirby Canvas Curse. Did I mention Kirby games?

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the missus is a huge fan of Harvest Moon, Yoshi games and the Professor Layton saga. The Professor works brilliantly with the ladies.

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Tell her to take up knitting. Gaming is boring.

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Cooking Mama (cooking sim)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (virtual novel/click and play mystery)
Harvest Moon DS Cute (farming/dating sim)
Anything Kirby or Mario Kart is usually a good investment

and haven't played them but heard nothing but good things about Pokemon HeartGold/Soul Silver and Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen so she may want to try those since she liked Black.

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"Super Princess Peach" and "The Legendary Starfy". Both looks so much fun (I remember their commercials), but some say that "Super Princess Peach" is too easy. So it's perfect for your wife.

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Although Harvest Moon is a good place to start the whole farming/date sim genre, I'd recommend its spin-off Rune Factory (specifically 2&3 if she does not own a 3DS, which has the vastly superior Rune Factory 4). Not only are they basically Harvest Moon+certain ARPG elements, but the games are pretty charming on their own, with a great and enticing enough storyline and characters that, **gasp**, have actual personalities and development to them. I know, right?

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Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns. If you decide to go with the HM series that is. A lot of people give it slack.. but I think it's great and it's definitely the best of the other Harvest Moon DS choices, it was actually my favorite HM title since A Wonderful Life for Gamecube. HM seems to be pretty popular with the ladies, my best friends girl really likes it.


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Or what about "TETRIS DS" if she loves puzzles?

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