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Despite liking a lot Chrono Trigger, I'm enjoying Radiant more because I find the story better. It's one heck of a game, luckily the ds is region free. Thank you for 3ds' stupid region lock Nintendo. Well done...

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So I've been playing this one on and off lately (after finally getting the game November '13), and am at the door with the black seal where you have to fight 4 guardians. The first 3 guardians weren't so hard, but once you get to the last one SPOILERS Viola SPOILERS, I just keep getting my @$$ handed to me. I fought her at least 5 times now with a party of Stocke, Raynie, and Aht (At levels 51, 49, and 48, respectively), and every time I kill off the stones first which are easy with Aht, but then the boss usually kills one of my party and those damn Noble Flames kill of the remaining two within a turn. I always raise everyone's MDef using Ahts Lunatic spell but it's so short that it only lasts like 3 full turns and I never know when it wears off because I usually have Regen cast at the same time. I'm starting to lose my patience with this game despite the very engaging story, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I recently got back into this gem and boy am I glad I did. This (so far) is by far my favorite ds game. I don't know why I stopped playing this back in the day but I'm sure it has to do with getting too many games all at once. This time I'm staying the course till the end.

Already about 20 hours in and forgot how amazing the story/ies were. With a fun combat system and a nice group of characters this could be my favorite jrpg in the last 10 years. I still have a ways to go but nothing has let me down thus far!

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