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Topic: R4i don’t work after update

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Hi, I update my NDSi to version 1.4.5E, but now my R4i card don’t work (I have this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e32sueEBpWc ). I can’t search any working kernel for new NDSi version. I try more kernels, but they don’t work for my card. On my R4i is written unlimited upgradable, so I can upgrade it, no ?

Please help

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Whether you're using it for homebrew or piracy, discussion of r4 cards in forbidden on this website.

Although if you use it for piracy (and I suspect that linked video of someone playing a pirated game is yours), frankly, I hope your system gets bricked.

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Discussion of these flashcarts is strictly forbidden as per our rules.

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