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Topic: Question about DS games....

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BellGoRiiing wrote:

Anyways yeah, if anyone finds a way to "trick the system"let me know. lol
Yeah I forget what form that was since i only saw the anime once, but I like how she looks in that form. :p

same here, it's a cool avatar lol




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Well I tried asking about the trick thing on some other forum, though I didn't get any replies at all...which sucks. And seeing how this didn't get anything I'm guessing there's no "trick" to this thing yet huh? :(

I love Erica (Strike Witches), Eureka (Eureka Seven), and Tenma (School Rumble), stay away from them. xD
Update: Also love Yukari and Mizore from Rosario + Vampire.
Another Update: Also Yuuki...from School Rumble...
Yet Another Update: Also Amber and Xiao Pai from Rune Factory 4.