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Hello everyone, how are y'all doing? I have a question regarding the endings of 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors so be warned that there may be some spoilers in this thread.

I've gotten the Coffin Ending, I'm about to get the Safe Ending, and then I am going to try and get the True Ending. After getting the true ending I may move on to playing Virtue's Last Reward but here is my question: do I need to get the other 3 endings in 999 in order to fully understand the story of VLR? Or will I be fine after getting the True Ending?

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Tbh you could only do the True ending and you'd probably be fine, but I'd recommend getting the other three endings as well, even if they add nothing to the story. Just find a spoiler-free walkthrough (though if you've managed to get the Coffin and Safe endings you've probably been using one); it should only take an hour or so more at max.

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Alright, I got the other endings. Thanks Birdman

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