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Just quoting part of my post from that other thread about classic gaming systems... Click the thumbnail for the larger version.

Pretty sure this is everything I own. OFFER $10.00 for The Dark Spire haha. A mix of NA and EU games here, as you can tell from the differently-coloured boxes. Also, some Japanese music CDs and Naruto's wallet lol.
The Japanese boxes are Gyakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright) 1-3.

I actually have more than that now, thanks to Christmas. My new DS games are 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (fully complete), Theresia and Avalon Code.

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well, my collection has grown a little since the last time, so i have a new even blurrier image!
i will list them:
Kirby super star ultra - Neopets adventure - Spyro Shadown legacy°
Apollo Justice - Nintendogs Ch - Animal Crossing WW
Scribblenauts - Brain Age - Rhythm Heaven
Ridge Racers° - Elite Beat Agents - Nintendo DS Browser°
Metroid Prime Hunters - MPH First Hunt - Wario Ware DIY
Viva Piñata PP - Harvest Moon DS - Puzzle de Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon Island of Happiness - Pokemon MD Time - Pokemon Diamond
Pokemon SoulSilver - Pokemon HeartGold - Dragon Quest 9
Final Fantasy 3 - Final Fantasy 4 - Zelda PH
Zelda ST - Rune Factory - GTA chinatown
Sims 2 Pets° - Sims 2 - Sims 3
MarioParty DS - Mario&Luigi PiT - Yoshi Island DS
NSMB - Wario Ware Touched°° - NSMB #2° °°

° This game is a) a gift i never asked for or b) an impulsive buy
°° not in photo

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Are EU boxes clear and NA boxes black

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koryz wrote:

Are EU boxes clear and NA boxes black

Well, that totally explains why my Flipper box is clear!
Just when i thought it would be nice to have an european box, it turns out i have one

Meowph, that's right!

Oh look! A Morphloggery.
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Thank you, i got little over 50 Ds games, and this isn't a recent picture(i think there are something like 45 games on this one). I will make a picture with all my DS game cards on it later but i have to make some free time for it.


I don't have a picture but I have only 7 games. They are as follows from most recent to oldest: Bakugan: Battle Trainer, Sonic Collection, Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's World Championship 2010: Reverse Arcadia, Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs, Pokemon Soul Silver, Namco Museum, and Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt sample. I did have close 40 game at one time but I gave some to my kid cousin and my best friend who had just passed away before xmas. She died and I was not able to get 6 of my games or fat DS back. As for like about 10 games in my collection I sold them for gas money back when the price of gas was almost 4 dollars a gallon.

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I'll list them!

First Row - Call of Duty - Modern Warfare Mobilized, Drawn to Life, Grand Theft Auto - Chinatown Wars
Second Row - Kirby Super Star Ultra, LEGO Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures, New Super Mario Bros.
Third Row - Pokémon SoulSilver Version, Scribblenauts, Super Mario 64 DS
Fourth Row - Tetris DS, Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008.

Pathetic collection, no?


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