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Greets Coders.

I have an important task to answer, so hope, you can help.

Suppose, a great company has the most modern official developing tools and perhaps the necessary engine for his games.
If porting a great "GTA 3" or “Assassins Creed" -like game from the iPhone to Nintendo DSi:

1- How many members are needed?
2- And in what role?
3- How long will this project last?
4- What will be the most serious programming issues?

I don't have more info on it.
Thanx for any help or any suggestion where I should look it up.



DSi couldn't handle it.


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Sorry @eldoman but you might have better luck on Nintendo's developer site disguised with the "WarioWorld" domain. But even then, you can't speak to the developers in the official developer community without being an officially-licensed Nintendo developer for the DSi platform.

But from what I can probably guess for question #4, programmers have access to 2 ARM processors: one dealing with 2D CG functions while another dealing with either 2D or 3D CG functions. I actually never programmed for the DS platform before, but I looked up some technical specs which I think documented what I just said.

Other than that, I have nothing. Good luck!

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elodman wrote:

it seems, they can handle it

That vesion of AC is not the original version, it is a "smaller" version made for these kinds of devices.
GTA 3 on iDevices is GTA 3, not a dumbed down version of it, the DS can't handle it the way it is. It would need to be heavily adapted and it would take a lot of work.

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