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Ray Rizzo is the best Pokemon player in the world. Yes, Rizzo successfully defended his Masters title at the Pokemon World Championships, making him champion for the third year in a row.

Forget the Olympics. For Pokemon fans, the main event was the Pokemon World Championships in Hawaii this weekend. More than 30 countries were represented at the tournament, with players hailing from the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

However, as in the Olympics, the US dominated, winning three of the six divisions, including the prestigious Masters. Here is the full list of winners:

2012 Pokemon TCG Junior Division World Champion: Shuto Itagaki (Japan)

2012 Pokemon Video Game Junior Division World Champion: Abram Burrows (USA)

2012 Pokemon TCG Senior Division World Champion: Chase Moloney (Canada)

2012 Pokemon Video Game Senior Division World Champion: Toler Webb (USA)

2012 Pokemon TCG Masters Division World Champion: Igor Costa (Portugal)

2012 Pokemon Video Game Masters Division World Champion: Ray Rizzo (USA)

Winners of the tournament not only lifted a special Pikachu World Championship trophy, but they also earned more than $100,000 in scholarships.

Perhaps the coolest thing about winning is that a select number of Pokémon World Championships video game finalists will have their teams and Trainer avatar distributed in Pokemon Black And White 2 via Wi-Fi Connection.

Players of the games will be able to battle these Pokemon World Championships finalists and their teams in the Pokemon World Tournament, a new battle arena featured in the games.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine

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Way more interested in the Video game championships than the TCG. I love the idea of this year's winner's team being distributed and able to be battled against in B/W2. You can practice improving your team, and more people will become aware of the championships thus getting more people to participate. Can't believe that guy won 3 years in a row, sheesh. Nice.
I'd love to enter one day. Sure I would lose round one though.


I would love to play competitively in world championship next year. I competed at a local championship in Indiana back in 1999 when Gamestop was having them. I placed 1st with my Red version and won and Pokemon Pikachu giga pet. I do okay online but i need to perfect my team. I Probably wouldn't place but i can.

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