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Topic: Pokemon White Version 2 review discussions

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IGN liked it.

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While i enjoy playing Pokémon white 2 a lot, it's true that Nintendo/Gamefreak need to step it up for the inevitable next pokémon game, the in-battle graphics are GBA-level (Maybe a flashy effect thrown in occasionally but nothing overwhelming), the game-mechanics are still good fun but could do with some sort of update too.

I'm hoping for a 3DS-pokémon next, with a change to the gameplay (though still staying true to the series), and graphics at least in battle (Where you spend most time) up to par with the N64 "pokémon stadium"-games, pokémon is still a great series, but it needs to move forward.

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It's better than Black/White but it still not nearly as good as the masterpiece that is HeartGold/SoulSilver.

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