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I want to pick back up where I left off when I was a kid. I just bought Pokemon Pearl and Diamond and want to trade between the two games. I have (2) DSi XLs to trade between. I have also read that Nintendo has turned off the wifi for the DS and DSi because it uses a WEP Key which is no longer active since 2004 as a wifi security feature (there are ways to change your router to use a WEP Key instead of WPA2). How do I go about this problem without changing the router security. I am thinking of getting a newer DS since I'll just have to get a new one for the next generation games. Just wanted to see if there is a work around for this issue first before I commit to a new device.



To trade with another system locally you don't need WiFi. Local communications only require two copies of the game and two systems.

DS games no longer supports WiFi at all, the servers closed down some years ago.

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