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Well, my current quest is finding that stinkin' Lucky Egg, which I'm having a hard time finding. I've looked at guides, where one of them says for you to hunt down a venonat with the Compound Eyes ability, which makes the lucky egg thing even harder since the little gnats are rare. lol

I do have Thief and everything else ready for the Lucky Egg, but the venonat is proving to be a pain, can anyone help me with this? I have a lot of TMs I rarely use (I'll post the list soon) that I can give away.

Forgot to mention that I have Platinum, also...anyone have a glameow?

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I have both Glameow and Purugly. But I don't have a nintendo wifi connection for my DS so I can't trade, sorry.

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OK. I also have Lucario at lv. 72. I'll trade it for that ugly thing that's on the cover of Platnum.

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I thought you could catch Giratina in Pearl/Diamond.

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