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BooNelson wrote:

they 'resorted' to using the elements GOLD and SILVER...

Sorry I can't come to the party, im being stopped by the element of GOLD.

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Dragoon wrote:

Mega Man Battle Network 3 had Black and White editions in Japan, but they changed Black to Blue in the States.

Of course, that won't work since Pokémon already had a "Blue..."

Uh oh. He's back.


Swiket wrote:




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Is this... Getting out of control with the racist thing?


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@Koops3: I think of old movies. Really, people who accuse others of racism are just racist themselves. Unless of course you're talking about the KKK etc...
Let's drop this whole racism thing and focus on the games alright?

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To be honest, they should have used this name for the first gen Pokemon games, that were truly in black and white.



The first screens of Pokemon Black & White are up. You can view them on

EDIT: Dammit! xD

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Man, those screenshots look awesome. Looks like they're finally changing up the battle animations a bit, at least on the player's pokemon side; finally, no more just the head (maybe upper torso) sticking out of the corner...

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The screens are awesome, however, it not pokemon. The Towns are there, but also city's, its too JRPG, pokemon is not like that. The City and bridge and CARS ruin it. Sure there is the moving trucks in Gen III, and Boats in alot of them, but it looks too FF-ish. It does have the starting town basic, and the battles seem.... interesting.... with a setup like this i think theres that Real TIme Element going into play.... and not to mention the characters look weird.

Now i love pokemon, and will deff play, but its not the same, i like Gen IV, but V looks disappointing.



Hopefully the Pokémon actually have animationd DURING battles. It would be cool if is was sorta like Golden Sun.

It looks similar to the 4th Generation but there seems to be a little more variation in perspective. It still is not quite the 3D I hoped for, though.

Still very excited though.

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It looks pretty cool to me. I can't wait for more pre-release shots!
I'm definitely calling for Onyx/Ivory/Chrome when it hits stateside.

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Wiiman94 wrote:

The City and bridge and CARS ruin it. Sure there is the moving trucks in Gen III, and Boats in alot of them, but it looks too FF-ish.


Not sure if you've played other Pokemon games but the whole game revolves around the idea of a young boy from some little town going off to great cities to beat the best trainers in the world.

It's never been a game where each town is meant to be a village.

Goldenrod? Meant to be a huge city.. That's why people all over Johto talk about it.

Heck, the game has a high speed cruise ship and you're worried about too many cars? lol

I love those shots and my thinking is that this is the first year they've figured out how to use this sort of tech to have all this good stuff. It just sucks we won't see the game till next year.

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Looks ok. Hopefully Nintendo will try something new and make it different.

I hear its amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on hari-kiri rock!!! I NEED SCISSORS!!! 61!!!


I bet that nobody will agree with me, but I think that a Custom Robo-like battle system would be great for Pokemon. They still have their four moves and HP, EXP, but you control them completely. It would be a great twist for the series, anyway. It would be a day 1 purchase for me if they did that.

The Game.

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