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@A Bunch of People

These aren't translated to English, but I think the Japanese name for 'Gear' is Giaru. At least, that's what Bulbapedia says (Serebii and BP contradict), and I find them more reliable.....

Anyway, I though of an awesome beginning sequence for B & W:

You and your brother (for Male; Sister for Female) - who will become your rival - are watching TV. The Show is a Pokemon Fan Show:

PRESENTERS: Alright! Welcome to the Pokemon Fan Show! Today, we're gonna look at three very cool species of Pokemon - the Sea Otter Pokémon MIJIMARU, the Grass Snake Pokémon TSUTARJA, and the Fire Pig Pokémon POKABU! (But with English Names for over here, of course.)

SIBLING: Wow, <name>! Those Pokemon are really cool!

PRESENTER: For those who don't know, TSUTARJA here is an elegant Grass type, POKABU is a blazing-hot fire type, and MIJIMARU is a dashing Water type!

SIBLING: Wow! Hey- <name>, what one of those Pokemon is your favourite?

This of course, would be the point at which you choose your starter. This, to me, is simple and streamline.

Mom comes upstairs.

MOM: Hello boys/girls!


MOM: Say, Boys/Girls, I need one of you to run an errand for me...

SIBLING: Uh, Um... Uh, <name> will do it!

MOM: Oh, really <name>? How sweet of you! Come downstairs with me and I'll tell you what to do.

SIBLING: * big grin * Bye, <name>!

You travel downstairs with your Mom.

MOM: Alright, thanks for helping, <name>. I need you to go down to the Pokemart and buy me some- uh... let's say -Potions. I would go get them myself, but your brother/sister made a BIT of a mess last night when he/she tried to make his/her Super Pokepower Ultimate Yummy Yummy Poketreats again. (Poketreats (or something of the like) could become the Poffins or Pokeblocks of Gen. V.

MOM: I'll have to stay here and clean up his/her mess, so here's 500 Poke for the Potions. Oh, and before I forget, I'll lend you my PokeGadget so you can call in case you get into any trouble.
PokeGadgets could be just like PokeGears.

I'll post what happens later later, but what do you guys think of this beginning?

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i like the idea of the tv and the sibling, wanna know what happens next :)




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Well it involves the PokeGadget, Professor Araragi, Nurse Joy, and a purely coincedental (of course) discovery of your chosen starter. I'll post it later if I have time. ;)

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I just hope they don't have Red(Ash) in the next anime, even Blue has moved on. The anime needs to move on and get new generation characters, with maybe some appearances of the old charcters but heres the catch, all grown up.

I like the grass snake pokemon, charged pokemon and the chinchilla pokemon. Looks like I've got my top 3, unless they have more?....I might change my mind then?

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R-L-A-George wrote:

I just hope they don't have Red(Ash) in the next anime, even Blue has moved on. The anime needs to move on and get new generation characters, with maybe some appearances of the old charcters but heres the catch, all grown up.

I like the grass snake pokemon, charged pokemon and the chinchilla pokemon. Looks like I've got my top 3, unless they have more?....I might change my mind then?

read the manga. But i agree i remeber when the honnen anime started and introduced may like she was going be the focus of the series.


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Oh hey, there is a Black & White thread. Must've missed it when I was looking for it. Whoops.

T'other Thread wrote:

Pokémon Black and White will bring a new battle style. TRIPLE BATTLES. Like Double Battles but with 3 Pokémon on each side. Fire off an Explosion with something powerful and boom, there goes 6 Pokémon in one turn. I think this could be fun.
Also, we have several new Pokémon:


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I had fun once and it was awful.

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My God, these Pokémon seem to get uglier with each game.

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If it weren't for those screens, I'd completely disagree.

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lol, they are monsters, i am glad they are ugly

To each his own.



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man, with all these new pokemon, so much more stuff to learn lol, i wish shoddy would update

To each his own.



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HueyPNewton wrote:

lol, they are monsters, i am glad they are ugly

...Heh, good point. XD
Still, we need to have some cute ones there.

I love Erica (Strike Witches), Eureka (Eureka Seven), and Tenma (School Rumble), stay away from them. xD
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Another Update: Also Yuuki...from School Rumble...
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You know How A Marble cake has BLACK and WHITE batter? Then Maybe Marble Version will be the "sequel"(Like platinum or emerald) to Black and White.

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I'm waiting for the Part were he wakes up from that coma




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OK let's make a list of what new Pokémon we have seen that we can expect to meet in the Isshu region:

Pics: http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon.shtml

Type: Grass
Classification: Grass Snake
Starter. I personally find this one a little too similar to Treecko to appreciate it completely. But who knows, perhaps it doesn't suck as much while collecting the first four badges as Treecko did. Absorb is lame, you know.

Unnamed Tsutaja evolution
Type: Grass
Classification: ???
A leaked sketch showed what clearly is an evolved form of Tsutaja

Type: Fire
Classification: Fire Pig
Starter. We've seen pig-like pokémon before such as Mankey and Spoink so you might judge Pokabu for being uninspired, but who cares if it looks so awesomely cute. And let's face it, sooner or later, the Fire-type starter is always the one that kicks the most .

Type: Water
Classification: Sea Otter
Starter. As depressed as this fella looks, he's also very cute. Kind of reminds me of Buizel, but cuter and more awesome.

Unnamed Mijumaru evolution
Type: Water
Classification: ???
That same sketch also shows an evolution of Mijumaru. Not much can be said about this one either.

Type: Dark
Classification: Evil Fox
This was one of the first new creatures revealed. A fox, we've seen that aready, Game Freak. Heck, this guy looks like a crossbreed between a Vulpix and a Sneasel. But it DOES look cool. It appears that you can only get it by breeding its evolved form, Zoroark, which is a pain to get like Mew or Manaphy.

Type: Dark
Classification: Monster Fox
This is Zorua's evolution. It is only obtainable through some special event but it appears to be very useful in multiplayer. It's Illusion ability makes it look like a different Pokémon at the start of the battle. Your friends can be tricked into making wrong decisions. After the illusion fades, it shows its real face and I have to say this is one of the best Pokémon designs ever.

Type: Normal
Classification: Chinchilla
Yeah, not just any mouse or rat like Pikachu or Rattata, but a Chinchilla. I guess that's.... cool. But who cares, amazing amounts of cuteness inside.

Type: Psychic
Classification: Dream eater
This is one of those pokémon that are simply here to replace older, similar, ones, in this case Drowzee. Same dream-absorbing abilities, same tapir-like snout, but cuter.

Type: Psychic
Classification: Trance
This is Munna's evolution and thus this game's Hypno. Instead of using Hypnosis, Musharna uses some kind of halucinatory smoke to put foes asleep, though. This apperently can transport the player to a strange dream world. Interesting. Wait! What! Is it like drugs in a Pokémon game?????

Type: Steel
Classification: Well, uhm, what it says, a gear! Yeah, that's right, a freaking GEAR!
Or actually two gears composing one Pokémon to be precise. Are those dots its eyes? This is like Magnemite, but even weirder.

Type: Normal/Flying
Classification: Pidgeon
This appears to be Isshu's common bird Pokémon. Kind of like the Pidgey or Starly of the Isshu region. Will its final evolution be as awesome as Staraptor was in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum? Time will learn. Expect to see a hectogazillion of these guys.

Type: Presumably Normal/Flying
Classification: ???
Only a vague screenshot from a trailer. That's all we got. Is this Mamepato's evolution? It's possible judging from the looks of it but I'm not sure at all.

Type: Fire
Classification: Flaming
Sure, this guy may be very similar to Infernape, but with a look so awesome I wanted this fiery primate on my team the first day I saw it.

Type: Electric
Classification: Charged
A freaking zebra! Hell yeah! And its part of one of my favorite types; electric. Do want! Do want! Zebra's should've been in previous games.

Type: Ground/Dark
Classification: Desert crocodile
Thankfully, this guy is different enough from that other crocodile pokémon, Totodile, in both appearance and element type, to be just a rehash of that awesome Johto critter. Ground/Dark, we've not seen that combo yet either.

Type: Psychic
Classification: Amplification
OK, I have no idea what this guy is supposed to be. But at least it looks cute and is not as much of a rehash of older Pokémon as some of the other Pokémon in this game (or the previous six games for that matter) that we've seen so far. This green. transparent... well... thing surely is not uninspired. Strange but original I guess. Exclusive to White.

Type: Psychic
Classification: Celestial Body
This thing looks more like Ralts' goth sister than a celestial body. I've no idea what they were thinking. But at least it's not another Pikachu or Meowth rehash. Exclusive to Black as opposed to Rankurusu being exclusive to White.

Type: Psychic/Flying
Classification: Bat
Game Freak designer: Hey guys, since we're too lazy to think up new concepts let's put in Zubat again. Game Freak PR-guy: No! The fans are sick and tired to see him again! Designer: All right, I'll make him furry and give him Psychic powers instead of poison and call him Koromori. PR-guy: Great idea, at one point I thought you actually went the extra mile there and go all horribly creative while you don't have to, since kids will have their parents buy this game anyway. Designer: Haha! Don't be silly, you know how I roll since we made Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire.

Type: Dragon
Classification: Tusk
This game's cute li'l dragon. Much like Dratini, Bagon and Gible were in previous titles. But much like those guys, this creature has a feature to make it stand out from the rest. In this case, its huge tusks. Expect this to be Isshu's Dragon-type Pokémon you have train up to about lv. 50 to make it reach its final form that will be more than worth the effort.

Type: Normal
Classification: Lookout
Hey! Bidoof was already in the previous game! ...Oh wait! On closer inspection this is more like a marmot than a beaver. Expect this guy, possibly along with Chiramii, to be the mandatory annoying Normal-type rodent you see around every godforsaken corner of the map while having little use in battle. Is this the new Bidoof. Than at least this could mean Minezumi is gonna be glorious HM-slave material.

Type: Normal/Flying
Classification: Valor
Holy crap! An eagle Pokémon. This guy looks like the best bird Pokémon EVAR! Forget what I said about Mamepato's possible evolution. This has got to be the new Staraptor. Already one of my faves!

Type: Ground?
Classification: Mole?
This mole-like creature appears to be more than just a new Diglett. With the difference being that this one actually LOOKS like a mole instead of something you'd see in the background of a Super Mario level. All we got is a back-sprite from a screenshot.

Type: Ground?
Classification: Mole?
Clearly an evolution of Moguryu. Again, just screens to go by.

Type: Presumably Bug
Classification: ???
Looks sorta like a new Scyther-like mantis pokémon. All we have is a screenshot.

Type: Presumably Ghost
Classification: ???
An Egyptian-style mummy/sarcophagus Pokémon. I'm guessing it's a Ghost-type. Another utterly strange Pokémon. Look at those ghostly hands! All we have is a back sprite on a screenshot.

Type: Presumably Bug/Poison
Classification: ???
Looks like a tarantula. All we have is a back sprite. Let's hope this is more than Ariados' hairy cousin from Isshu.

Unnamed green and yellow Pokémon
Type: ???
Classification: ???
All we have is a leaked picture of a figure based on an unknown pokémon shown together with a Kibagi figurine.

Unnamed black and red coloured Pokémon
Type: Looks like Rock to me
Classification: ???
Nothing else we know for sure except what we see on the screenshot. Looks like a Rock-type, that's all I can really say about another unusual-looking Pokémon.

Unnamed yellow and red Pokémon
Type: ???
Classification: ???
Is this ANOTHER electric-type rodent like Pikachu or is this something more creative. I have nothing else to judge from other than some leaked art.

Type: Dragon/Fire
Classification: White Yang
Legendary Dragon-type Pokémon. Represents the Yang of the Yin-Yang. White-coloured mascot of Black Version. Antagonist to Zekrom. Could be version-exclusive to Black.

Type: Dragon/Electric
Classification: Black Yin
Legendary Dragon-type Pokémon. Represents the Yin of the Yin-Yang. Black-coloured mascot of White Version. Antagonist to Reshiram. Could be version-exclusive to White.

Another one is supossed to be revealed on that incredibly annoying Japanese TV show. It may be one of the leaked ones I mentioned before but could also be one never seen before, not even on da interwebz.

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Yea i saw these a few weeks ago. I like the water starter's evolution!

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I dunno. I don't like the game's Pokemon, they look too abstract, overcomplicated and cold, not the warm cheery Pokemon of the first 2 gens, and some of D/P/Pt. I also don't like the setting of the game.

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I wonder what the merger game will be called? Pokemon Grey? A' la Yellow etc.




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I personally like some of the new Pokémon, and though I feel pretty sorry for Mijumaru (poor guy has gotten a lot of hate), I should say that he looks like the lovechild of Bidoof and Piplup, and that ain't pretty.

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Wonder what the Event Legend will be ie Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Shaymin

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