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I have just received my new DSI XL.
I got "out of memory" error very often when trying to open many websites.
I there anything that I can do to get rid of that error and be able to browse the internet?




Perhaps those websites had a bit too much Flash? The DSi (XL) can handle only so much. It happens to me with my DSi.

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If your trying to look up youtube of play Flash games, then your out of luck.

The DSi dose not have that kind of power

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Yeah. I get that a lot, as well as something along the lines of "this page requires an add-on unavailable for this system," which would include flash or java. And a DSi (XL) doesn't have nearly the power many desktops have, so if you're using a website that is pretty complex to display, you're pretty much out of luck.

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Thank you all for this amazing prompt responses !
Looks like the DS browser is not as powerful as expected.
I know that it does not play flash but did not expect that it runs on very low memory.
Can I at least configure it to use SD card for storage or any other trick?
I'm ok with getting "this page requires an add-on unavailable for this system" but found often "Out of memory" very frustrating.

Thanks again,



No, you can't do anything to adjust Flash, Youtube, memory capacity or just about anything that might be nice when using the DSi's browser. I'd reccomend trying to find mobile versions of sites you're going to. Facebook and Wikipedia have pretty good mobile sites that run awesome on the DSi.

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Best trick I have found is figuring out if sites you want to visit have mobile versions and use those instead. Mobile sites are frequently much smaller with less images, which works perfect for the DSi. One site i keep bookmarked on mine is which has many links to popular websites' mobile versions. There used to be a thread here where people compiled a lot of recommended sites (of which this was one), but I can't find it at the moment.

Anyways, enjoy your Dsi XL!

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PEOPLE CHANGE YOUR AVATARS. I thought one person triple posted up there, lol.

Also, here's how you maximise the DSi browser.
1. Turn off images.
2. Change to column mode, where the view is shown across two screens.

There. You shouldn't have problems on most sites anymore, and they should load much faster. I always use those settings on my DSi.

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yea it does suck when browsing and it says all that memory stuff,i just cope with it and try to refresh the page


Hello everyone
I have just bought a new dsi xl super mario bros edition
I got "out of memory" error very often when trying to open "Facebook". I only want to connect and open my facebook and facebook is the only history.
Is there anything that I can do to get rid of that error and be able to browse the internet?
Thanks and will appreciate if you could help me..



Nope, you just gotta deal with it.

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Often times,the errors I`m actually upset by are the ones that specifically state that the page is unsupported.I can`t even look at 90% of the images that come up on google search because they come from deviantart!Does that happen to you guys,too,or is the image thing just my problem?Also,how DOES one change their profile pic?

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this thread has been inactive for years. let's not revive dead threads please.

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