Topic: Optical Illusion In Mario Calculator!

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1. Open up the calculator, and stay on the main calculator.
2. Look at the corners of the buttons.
3. You should notice that yellowish dots may appear and dissapear in the black dots outside of the buttons. Try it for yourself!

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Yeah that's a normal optical illusion most probably not intentionally put in there... it's like this one:

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I don't see either of these... I wonder what that means :/

I just stared at the calculator, no yellow dots, and I've stared at the image above for a couple minutes trying to make myself see black dots, but I don't see any at all, no matter ho hard I try! ... apparently I'm oddly immune to these two minor illusions.

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I see the black dots.

You can't look directly at them, but whatever dots you're looking at should be the only white ones.

With your peripheral vision you should see the black ones.



Roopa, that is very annoying!

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