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An Operation that was actually a success? How could this be?

About a month ago, I created my own Operation (inspired by Rainfall) called Snowball to promote an unpopular DSiWare game Alphabounce and advertized it on my signature. My main goal was to have Alphabounce rating system from the Nintendo eShop to be increase.

Last week, July 28, the Nintendo eShop finally gave Alphabounce the attention it deserve by being part in the RPG category. Today, August 4, Alphabounce shows up again but this time in the "action games" category and is now reach to 150 ratings.

The Nintendo eShop defines what Alphabounce is truly capable of, it's an action RPG game and has a high percentage of satisfied customers.

For those who played Alphabounce, are you happy with its success on Nintendo eShop?
note: This is the only Operation I will make.

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I predict operation thread lock could be a big success.



I still need to get Alphabounce, it's one of the games currently on my wish list.
I think the eshop needs a new filter for searching along the lines of "highest number of satisfied customers". having something like arctic escape at the top of the list for highest rated games because the 8 people out there that have it on their 3DS gave it a 5 star rating makes the whole system look broken.

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I loved the game until I got the flame ball. It's just way too overpowered. I don't know what they were thinking Imbuing one of the most powerful Arkanoid power ups to a ball permanently. If they had only let it go through terraformed blocks it would have been acceptable, but as it is once you lose it you might as well throw the rest of the round because in comparison it takes FOREVER to eliminate all the blocks with any other ball.

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Operation Parody Topic

Bioshock is 10 years old. Let's play through its horrific environment and see why its so beloved!
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Reala wrote:

I predict operation thread lock could be a big success.

how did you know!

... that said, the Alphabounce Impressions thread is here if you'd like to discuss the game. :3

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