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Nothing new on GameFAQs for any region.
So it looks like, at least according to GameStop, the last two games, at least in North America, are Barbie Dreamhouse Party and Disney's Frozen.
We knew the last DS game was going to be shovelware, but I guess at least we now know which.

Released ten days short of its ninth birthday.
At least it can end with an Internet meme

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I doubt certain publishers stopped their Nintendo DS developments, and what is really considered as a final game for the Nintendo DS? The retail games or the DSiWare releases? (I am aware that only Nintendo DSi [XL] owners can purchase DSiWare games, but I think Nintendo long discontinued the Nintendo DS Lite model anyway.)

There are still developers releasing games for the DSiWare service as well, remember? Particularly since it is a little more popular than WiiWare considering you can even buy most of them natively off the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo 3DS by extension.

In a similar fashion to the PlayStation 2, the Nintendo DS will most likely see a few more years of new officially licensed games! Trust me when I say there is a huge population of late adopters that are purchasing Nintendo DS consoles even today, especially in less developed countries.

Wishing this world would pay any sort of attention to the smaller details.

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I wish that the DS can outsell the PS2......Its sooooooo close to doing that!

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LEGO Friends is a retail DS game coming out in Feburary 2014


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Looks like a game was released recently called Top Trumps NBA All-Stars. An NBA-themed collectible card game?



I can't access the online network. Have Nintendo shut down the network?

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