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thought about picking this up. any opinions as to whether its worth a $10 purchase?




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Definitely worth it. Really fun, but really hard. Although this topic belongs in the DS recommendations thread.

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Yeah, this might get locked, although hardly anybody responds to the DS Recommendation Thread.
I heard this game was good, but I've never played it.

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I have it on 360. It's definitely a fun game, and it gets waaaay hard in the later levels. I'd reccomend it, but only if you like the type of gameplay and don't mind a stiff challenge!

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You can play it online for free (it is called "n game") it's alright to get at 10 bucks but I was never able to play online and don't know why. Also if you enter in a code you will get the old atari pack.
edit:also forgot to say that you can make your own levels.

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N+ is one of the best indie platformers out there, IMO. It never tries to be anything more than a good, fun, challenge, and that's exactly what it is. It's simplistic look and sounds help add to that, and in an odd way, even the frequent deaths can be amusing if you watch the stick-man's body parts fly around afterwards, but if you don't like sitting through that, you can restart at the push of a button. Level design is always has surprises despite never really deviating much from the same theme. There's no fire world or ice world, and certainly no water world, yet it still manages to stay interesting and fun. Definitely worth the $10.

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I had hours of fun with N+. Minimalist platforming goodness at its best. Pick it up.

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