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Personally, I like the Lite better because it's cheaper, and no one really uses the internet.
It doesn't have a GBA slot, which I use. Also, the downloadable games are "bought" with Nintendo points, which need to be purchased separately. I think the cameras are all right, but I wouldn't use them too much. What's your choice?



3DS, nuff said

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i loved my DSi much more than the DS Lite i had before it.

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DS Lite, only because it has a sexy beautiful glossy finish on the outside rather than the duller matte finish of the DSi even though it doesn't even matter because you clearly can't see the outer shell to begin with you're playing a game haha. Durp! Plus most importantly the DS Lite has the GBA slot which makes GBA games(thanks to the DS Lite's superior brightness, controls and colors_ look miles better than they ever did on the GBA/GBA SP.

Also, i'm not a big fan of playing DS games on the 3DS....While there's clearly an improvement in motion handeling on the 3DS's screen(Did some comparisons between New Super Mario Bros DS and the difference was pretty obvious) the colors look a bit washed out, and the screen ends up smalller once you go for the 1:1 resolution. But that's a given considering the 3DS has a higher res to begin with. Or you can go with the larger and crummier looking picture quality, either way you lose.

GBA & DS games on my sexy glossy White DS Lite = Mega Awesomeness.

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DS Lite is easier to clean... And it actually cleans. But I like the design of the DSi better. It's hard to choose...



Hmmm... Hard to figure out... DS Lite has the Game Boy slot, (Which I UNBEARABLY loved) and the classic DS feel. But DSi has a bunch more features, and also comes with the DSiWare store. But I would have to say.......... DSi.

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DSi for me. The only thing going for the DS Lite opposed to DSi is the GBA slot which is really cool. Overall though, gonna go with the DSi, DSiware/camera/Matte finish.

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ds light since it has a gba slot


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Prefer the matte finish of the DSi, but overall prefer the DS Lite as I don't really see the point of all the multimedia, non-gaming functions of the DSi. The DS Lite is a purer games console (maybe the last one ever in fact...!)



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