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Hello, I have just registered here to get a bit of help with my nintendo dsi. I bought it second hand and I'm going to fix it up and use it for a while. The touch screen at the bottom is badly scratched but I don't know what parts I would need to get rid of them. Here is a picture:
Could anyone direct me on the parts needed? Thanks!



You'd have to replace the whole lower screen, which would be a lot of trouble to take it all apart. I would just try applying a screen protector over it to see if it lessens the appearance of the scratches enough to be usable. That has made scratches completely disappear for me in the past, although I've never seen scratches this extreme.

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Hello, thanks for the reply. When it came it had a screen protector on and it just emphasised the scratches. I have bought a new LCD screen from eBay for the bottom but I didn't know if there was a layer that was connected to the case which went over the LCD screen? The whole part of taking it to bits doesn't bother me as I am an electrician so its second nature



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