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I would have to say


Quite possibly the best version of Tetris around. If you like Tetris and have a DS or 3DS than you should have this game.

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Pac-Pix. I still think it had the best use of the touchscreen of the console's lifespan. I mean, you draw stuff... and it comes to life! I remember in the early days it (along with Wario Ware: Touched) was always the game I'd make people play when showing them the fledgling DS.


It may just be nostalgia that makes me like it, but I think the Drawn to Life saga is pretty underrated. I`ve only played The Next Chapter (DS) which from what I`ve seen is superior story-wise to the Wii version. The soundtrack is one of my favorites and the story is decent. Artwork is good too. I`ve never really met anyone on the Internet or in real life who has actually heard of this game, but I think it deserves more attention.



Prism: Light the Way, Solatorobo and The World Ends With You spring to mind. There are others I can't remember, though...

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If you're including 3DS titles, definitely this:

Yes I know Smash 3DS and Wii U has made it much less hidden but before that it was very hidden. Probably due to Nintendo's poor advertising approach to games though.


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Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is one of my favorite underrated games on the DS. Clubhouse Games is also a good choice if you want simple classics (having download play greatly extended the replay value).

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The World Ends With You was great but I don't count it as a hidden gem as everyone where I live who is a gamer owns or has played it. I'd have to say Children of Mana, Bakugan: Battle Brawlers, Namco Museum DS, Sonic Chronicles, and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 1 and 2. An honorable mention for DS/lite owners would be GBA's Demikids games.

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I don't see nearly enough appreciation for Avalon Code. It's a really fun game with quite a complex crafting system and a lot of secrets. Plus, it's filled with characters you can get a relationship with, and any character of the opposing gender can be a love interest (since you can choose your own gender as well). I love it for many things, including it's flaws (inconsistent difficulty, annoying crafting management, super-annoying 100% requirements).

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Xenoblade X: Suvvya (RANGE/DMG/TP)

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SuperMalleo wrote:

Highly underrated game.

Extremely underrated considering the acclaim the Prime Trilogy has. To me, Metroid doesn't get better than Metroid Prime Hunters, and it doesn't matter if I'm playing the single player or the multiplayer. I've played the game for around 1,500 hours, and it's staggering how much depth in story and gameplay MPH has compared to all the other entries but has ended up being one of Metroid's black sheep.

Besides Metroid Prime Hunters, Dementium, Dementium II and Moon come to mind from Renegade Kid. If someone loves atmospheric first person titles, the DS definitely has them covered.

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The first thing that springs to mind is Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword.

The wizards at Team Ninja found a way to make a Ninja Gaiden game all-touch and with the system turned on its side, and it still felt like Ninja Gaiden. It's one of the best action games on the system, no less.

Migt and Magic: Clash of Heroes is another one.

A really cool puzzle-RPG hybrid that felt whole in the RPG and Puzzle elements. Also on PSN and XBL.

Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure is also there.

A fun puzzle platformer hybrid that is crazy difficult. Not for the faint of heart when it comes to difficulty. It gets extra points for one of the most operatic boss fights since Conker's Bad Fur Day.

I wanted to say stuff like The World Ends With You, Radiant Historia, and Ghost Trick, but I see them mentioned so much on forums that they hardly feel like hidden gems. Totally worth getting, though (I think they're better than the games pictured above by a considerable margin).

I also like the shout-outs to some of the FPS games the DS had. Loved those, especially Metroid Prime Hunters. It was like Quake in you pocket.

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Must agree with you regarding Henry Hatsworth. This game has everything: it is funny, great dual gameplay, hidden areas, upgrading system, reasonable difficulty slope, 2 different difficulty levels, great bosses battles, etc. I have about 400 DS games and this is among my top 5.

Elite Beat Agents should be the poster child of under-appreciated games, but it was a tad too difficult for me (keep getting Cs and a single B). Ridge Racer also comes to mind as well as Ninjatown, Moon, both Dementiums, Scurge Hive (great for those looking for a 8-bit inspired game), Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ (difficult as nails), Garfield's Nightmare (great platfomer), and several racing games.



Elite Beat Agents and the Osu Tatakae Ouendan games are definitely my #1 choices for this. I have yet to play Ouendan (Although I did just order the second!), but EBA is one of the best DS games I've ever played. I'm disappointed that so many people haven't heard of it, but when I tell people what it is, they usually become really interested. Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Blade was also a really fun game that I'd probably have never even heard about if I hadn't gotten it as a random gift from my brother.

@Metlhead Both of those were two of my favorite DS games growing up! I haven't played them in ages, but I feel like I need to again. I'm just worried that it might not feel the same as it did when I played them at a younger age.


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999: 9 Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. Pretty good game for those who enjoy a more story-based, room puzzle-like game.



Bleach: the Blade of Fate - This is actually a really solid fighter, with a great lineup of fighters (even if you're not into the anime), and very nice sprite based graphics.

I'll also agree with @moomoo about Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword. Picked it up with my DS, and it was a fantastic experience.


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Yeah, Bleach and Ninja Gaiden were surprisingly great. Definitely ones to check out if you can. It's also criminal how often Elite Beat Beat Agents is left forgotten. Same with Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol (though that one's understandable) and Custom Robo DS.

chiefeagle02 wrote:

Hotel Dusk: Room 215

Considering I bought that game twice complete for under $6 each time, I think calling it a "hidden gem" is an understatement...

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Pianomanfreak wrote:

I'm surprise nobody said Nostalgia and Sands of Destruction 2 underrated rpgs.

Both were okay, but I personally found them pretty forgettable. At least they were short (for RPGs).

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Every game I've played doesn't feel underrated as I have 28 games but I guess I can say that Super Mario 64 DS is a very underrated game because of how it controls and I'm fine with the way it controls and that its got more than the original and that's always a plus sign.

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Metroid Prime Hunters was such as good game considering it was a shooter on a DS. The controls were iffy at first, but once you got used to them, it was a pretty solid game.

The Phoenix Wright series was really as well as the Trauma Center: Under the Knife games were surprisingly good, too.


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