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I recently started collecting for the DS, so I've stumbled across a lot of great games. A few I'd recommend are Hotel Dusk Room 215, Glory of Heracles, and the Puzzle Quest Games. Hotel Dusk is basically a point-and-click noir mystery that's great all around, and feels much more real than many similar games, due to its downright fantastic writing. This one is somewhat hard to find, but isn't terribly expensive, as it can be found for less than $15 without too much effort. Glory of Heracles is a fairly by the books JPRG, but its ancient Greek setting and use of a mythos that most people are somewhat familiar with really sold me on it, as well as the sheer amount of various statistics, mechanics, and statuses that are involved in its combat system. The complexity may seem daunting, but it's surprisingly easy to grasp, but is still complex enough to interest players more familiar with JRPGs. This one is a little hard to find, and varies greatly in price. I've seen it go for anywhere between $5 and $35. Finally, the Puzzle Quest games are like a mix between Bejeweled and an old PC RPG like Baldur's Gate, relying on match three puzzles instead of a traditional combat system. The first one is more grand in scale, but consists almost entirely of puzzles, menus, and a world map, while the second takes place almost entirely within a massive dungeon and the surrounding town. Both are great, and incredibly cheap, normally going for about $5.

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