Topic: Nintendo DS games that support Wi-Fi connectivity with WPA-encrypted routers

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Many people are claiming that the Nintendo DS does not support any Wi-Fi router encryption other than WEP. Whilst this is true, could the same be said about the entire online-enabled Nintendo DS game library? Keep in mind that the Nintendo DSi (XL) models, whilst technically superior to the Nintendo DS (Lite) in regards of performance but remaining identical in terms of game processing, does actually itself support the WPA encryption standards. The Nintendo DSi was first launched in 2009, and I realised that certain online-enabled Nintendo DS games released circa many months afterwards can connect online on WPA-encrypted Wi-Fi connections without any problems, in spite they may still implement the same limited-to-WEP, WFC settings, notably noticed when used on the older Nintendo DS (Lite) models. (Keep in mind that I personally do not own a Nintendo DSi, but using my Nintendo 3DS to play Nintendo DS games should produce results akin to a regular Nintendo DSi.)

Personally speaking, I had no problems connecting online with my WPA-encrypted home connection whilst playing Pokémon Black Version (2) and Pokémon Conquest. I might even presume that Pokémon White Version (2) can go online as well. Therefore, these games make the following (alphabetically-ordered) list:

  • Pokémon Black Version
  • Pokémon Black Version 2
  • Pokémon Conquest
  • Pokémon White Version
  • Pokémon White Version 2

Do you guys know any more newer WFC Nintendo DS games that support WPA-encrypted connections?

Wishing this world would pay any sort of attention to the smaller details.

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