Topic: Need help with Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (SPOILERS!)

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Spoilers below!

So i just defeated Albus. After that heppened, i went back to the castle. There i was told to use those 3 whatever they a called. So i did. Then the main character died and the two villagers i hadn't rescued yet were shown. After that i the game over screen were shown.

So my question is: What am i suppose to do? This can't be the real ending (the game says that i have only completed 55% of it, so i asume the game pulled a SotN ending on me). Just tel me what to do and please avoid spoiling anyting story related if possible. Thanks!

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You have to find the remaining people. After doing so, you'll get a slightly different cutscene with Albus and you won't use Dominus. You'll then unlock an area that makes the entire game worth buying.

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Thank you! Man, this has to be the most "WTF just happened?" endings in recent memories. xD



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