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Does anyone think maybe nintendo will finally release mother 3 in the US/Europe on Dsiware for....idk, 10-15 bucks? or release it as a cartrige for 35 bucks, or not release it at all?
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I actually was looking forward to this when I caught it in Epic Center on Nintendo Power!
That's when it was still going to be for Nintendo 64 in North America; SNES (1994), then 64DD, then GBA (2006) in JPN!
Yeah, I loved the graphics, story and such for the N64. I may scan and link/show of the magazine article at some point if anyone is interested in seeing it! lol

Yeah, the creator, Shigesato Itoi, said it was difficult making the game [wikipedia reference of reference]

As for thoughts on releasing it in US/EU, it would be crazy as a VC IMPORT (probably made with drastic changes we might not notice.) So, yeah, it is an EVERYONE (CERO: A) title, which is neat, and everything about it sounds wild to me; it could take awhile, and might be worth it, however, yeah, I'm not sure how or which way would be best to re-release it?!

How bout a special N64-type remake, then I'll finally be able to invision experiencing strange new world... :]

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Unless there is an update to play games strait from a SD card, I don't even think there is enough room to hold Mother 3 on DSi eternal memory. There is a chance though that all three mothers will be released on a DS cartridge in 2010 in Japan but that may never come to the western world.

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