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so which one, with my next points card I'm going to get an art style game (also which one),mfc/mario vs donkey kong and save the rest

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You should get MFC because MVSDK is esentualy just a stripped down version of the secound game. As for Art Style Aquia is fun.

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Mario vs. Donkey Kong. There are just as many levels as the original game, and the online mode is great. Nintendo adds new downloadable levels every week which makes the replay value almost endless. You can also create your own levels and upload them online.

Not that I don't like Mighty Flip Champs, I just think Mario vs. Donkey Kong is better in terms of the amount of play time you'll have with it.

As for an Art Style game, I recommend PiCTOBiTS, however I haven't tried KuBoS, which is rumored to come out this Monday in the US.



I wish I could get both these but I live in Europe

My favourite art style game is boxlife than pictopict but they're all great

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Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 3 definately. MFC actually wasn't as good as I expected. It was still good though, but gets really hard pretty quickly. MvsDK 3 isn't really hard at all. And people say it's just stripped down from the original, but it's not. The only similarities between the two are the graphics. The construction zone gives you alot more freedom of what you want to do, all the stages are different, plus the gameplay itself is even a bit different. The minis move by themselves and can't be controlled, making the games pretty different from each other. BUY IT, I SAY!!!

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I prefer Might Flip Champs by a lot. I wasn't that impressed with March of the Minis.

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M VS D MMA by far MFC is good too but really hard to beat...

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Definitely Mario vs Donkey Kong. It's got like 100 levels total, a level editer and amazing online level sharing. Plus, official new levels posted online by Nintendo. It's an absolute steal for 8 bucks, it could have made it as a 30 dollar retail game. As for the Art Style game, I would go with either PiCTOBiTS or BOXLIFE, i'm rather torn between the two.

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