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I think this is the best upcoming game for the DS. Disscuss...



It sounds like it has a more interesting plot than the last Mario and Luigi game, but I hope like heck Stuffwell is nowhere to be found, and they don't make you go through a tutorial every five minutes. Interested to see what features they've added for the DS, though, 'cuz Partners in Time did like one thing and that was it, lol.

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i cant wait to use mario to smash bowsers kiddnies!!

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Yeah i can not wait for this game.
Looks amazing and hilarious, i was a bit dissapointed in Partners in Time, but Super Star Saga is still my favourite.



Mario RPG's are always interesting, though I think I might be more interested in Dragon Quest 9, Mario & Luigi RPG 3 will no doubt be a great game too, the DS has tons of great RPG games to choose from, I wish there where a few more on wii though.

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I hope to god its like the first Mario and Luigi game...the second one was terrible compared to the first.

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I have found out that their will be several optional bosses, so the game could be less linear than the second mario and luigi game.
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I enjoyed both SSS and PiT, so I can safely say that waiting for this game will quite possibly drive me insane.


I just hope its as good as super star saga.



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