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damn tablet.

i just met Trent the tree guy. now I'm going to save the pirates. son.


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kkslider5552000 wrote:

TokyoRed wrote:

those of us who never played the GBA GS titles

you're missing out

Isn't Nintendo going to put the original Golden Sun games up in the 3DS Virtual Console on the eShop?

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TokyoRed wrote:

kkslider5552000 wrote:

TokyoRed wrote:

those of us who never played the GBA GS titles

you're missing out

Isn't Nintendo going to put the original Golden Sun games up in the 3DS Virtual Console on the eShop?

We can only hope.

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Personally, i don't think Dark Dawn is as good as it's predecessors. Although it is still the best RPG on the DS. The sad thing is, that i doubt that Camelot or any other developer will ever be able to accomplish the same things on any other game. There is no other RPG better than the first 2 Golden Suns. I'd love to classify that statement as being my opinion only, but i cannot =P Those titles are truly masterpieces. Best RPG ever. And for me, the best game i have ever played ^^ But of course, All of Nintendo Games are of flawless quality

I'm about 11 hours in and I have to say you must not play too many RPGs. If you think Golden Sun Dark Dawn is the best on DS or the GS GBA games are the made then whoa. Its def in my top five though.

From a techincal standpoint, they are You probably didn't like it as much. Wich is alright, seeing as we are all entitled to our opinions and tastes. But from a technical analysis, they are.

Sound design is mesmerizing. It completely pushed the system to its limits. As no other game on the GBA had such incredible tunes like those games had.

Visual presentation is excellent as well. The game even had actual frame rate drops from some combat animations. The character sprites, spells, attacks, etc. Everything is crafted marvelously.

Gameplay was just right. The fast-paced combat scenery is refreshing and doesn't die out, no matter how many times one replays the game. Everything flows perfectly.

The Story was the best part of it. After the first 5 minutes, you're completely hooked. The way everything is described and presented, just adds up to the ability Golden Sun has to completely suck players in. Truly a high quality RPG.

So there you have it. Some people may not share the same point of view, wich is perfectly acceptable.

From a technical stand point? Have you ever seen Skyrim or Mass Effect 2 running on a high-end computer? Because I can assure you, no matter how good you think the DS makes games look, it can't come near to those. And yes, they ARE RPGs. I know a lot of people who like this variant of RPGs consider games like TES as abortions, but they are RPGs regardless. I consider them fun.

Not saying they are better than Golden Sun. I haven't had the privilege of playing that series yet. They look like good fun. But you were saying that the first two Golden Sun games were better than any other RPG in every category. And you said it was fact, not opinion. It's fine if you think they are the best RPGs ever. But you can't try and force everyone to favor them, and then when you get backlash from it, pretend that everyone can have their own opinion, even though you clearly stated that it is fact. Which it obviously isn't.

You're talking about PC and console games... Games from the current generation. Don't you dare compare the graphical capabilities of a game from this gen to a title for the GBA released back in 2001. Not to mention that you're also talking about American titles. Golden Sun is a JRPG, so let's compare it to other JRPGs please.

Secondly, I was referring to all the rpgs of its time. ( mostly for the GBA ) Because when it does come to the gba, no other JRPG out there can accomplish what the series did TECHNICALLY. Sound design. Gameplay. Plot. Graphical power, etc.

I do admit that i exagerated by stating this to be a fact, but the reality is that it's not that far from the truth. To this date, I have never found any other RPG that has pushed the GBA's hardware as much as Golden Sun did. Same goes for the gameplay and story.

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I want dark dawn and every Christmas I ask for it from family. Unfortunately i havent got it But I'm cool with that, starfox 3d still is better than dark dawn.

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The GBA games were amazing and I poured hours into each, mesmerizing myself in the gameplay. When I heard there was a ds one, I went and bought it. Within 2 days I had finished the game, unlike the month long adventures of the other 2. It was a disappointment for me as the story didn't deliver. I sold it at Gamestop and never regretted it, while still playing the original 2 to this day.

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