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(hey, why not. Might as well tell you what "awesome" stuff you're missing out on, and there's way too much DSiware to make a complete list like with the 3DSware)

Kigaru ni oekaki koubou (Carefree Painting Workshop) - An image editing tool/drawing program. Seems about as advanced as MS Paint from what I can tell.
Chara-pasha! Kaiten Mutenmaru - The newest entry in the Chara-pasha image editing tool, where you get to paste images of popular characters on your photos! There's 6 or so entries already, covering characters from stuff like Spongebob and Thomas the Tank Engine, this one covers Kaiten Mutenmaru, the mascot of sushi chain Kura Corporation. Uh, yeah. What's next, a Ronald McDonald-themed entry?
Jukugo Quiz (Compound Quiz) - A quiz game where you answer questions about compound words and build up your vocabulary.
Motto me de unou wo kitaeru - DS sokudokujutsu Light (Training Your Right Brain With Your Eyes Even More - DS Speed Reading Utility Light) - A downgraded version of "Training Your Right Brain With Your Eyes Even More - DS Speed Reading Utility", which was the sequel to "Training Your Right Brain With Your Eyes - DS Speed Reading Utility" (still with me?). Excercise your brain by reading texts presented in various weird ways and answering questions about the content.

So yeah. Jealous much? Didn't think so.



Japanese market is totally different then the states .. i remember years ago got a few japan games thought would be stupid fell in love with them. one was some sort of painting game... i probally put more hours in on that game then a pokemon game

sounds werid but you get hooked



Yeah, I've tried that one too, it's pretty fun. These four titles, though - two image editing tools (one essentially being a set of digital stickers), a quiz game and a brain training reading game... hardly sets your world on fire.

The store does get more interesting stuff, though - last week gave us a pretty good tower defense game, which I downloaded and greatly enjoyed.

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cheetahman91 wrote:

Japan always gets the good stuff.

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