Topic: Is there anything left for the DS?

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The DS Lite is discontinued worldwide, the DSi XL is discontinued in some regions, and there are no confirmed first-party titles on the horizon.

Do you folks believe there's anything left for the DS besides some third-party titles?

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3DS has been out for over a year now.
i will play some DS-classics on my 3DS for sure though. super cheap to get

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waiting for a pricedrop on switch


A few movie tie-ins will be released,and that's about it for DS.

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I think Pokemon White/Black 2 was the last hurrah for the DS. I think some third parties might bring out games especially if they bring out a 3DS version of the game the will probably bring out a DS one like Lego Batman 2 or the Adventure Time game for example. I mean even though they might be slowing down on the hardware itself there are still alot of DS systems out there compared to 3DS and software companies are going to want to get the most money out of their games.

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DS? Probably not. DSiWare? There's still a few more (Ikachan) coming on that service.

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