Topic: Is Pokemon Conquest region locked?

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I am looking to buy pokemon conquest but I don't want to wait for the release in europe later this month! So any one who ownes that game can they tell me if 8t is region locked ! I know the gme doesn't work on european dsi but I seen on another forum that it works on european 3DS so can anyone plz tell me!!!

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No,I don't think it is.

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the question would be 'is it DSi-enhanced'? if it is, it's gonna be region-locked if you're playing it on a DSi or 3DS, but not on a Phat or Lite. If it's not DSi-enhanced, though, it'll be playable on any region DS, DSi, or 3DS.

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It's DSi Enhanced (the game code starts with TWL according to Play Asia and GameFAQS) which would lead me to think that's it's region locked.

HOWEVER, Play Asia lists it as not being region locked, which is a bit odd. They're usually correct with their information, but I'm not sure in this case. I'd probably err on the side of it being region locked, just in case.

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