Topic: Introducing: The Adventure Apes!

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This looks great! Just the type of thing that's needed on DSiWare!

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This game does look very promising. Unfortunately I do not own a DSi. Do you guys plan on spanning outwards onto such platforms as the 3DS and Wii? (3DSWare and WiiWare)

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You know that the 3DS supports DSiware.


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Well everyone, I'm pretty sure it's been assumed that this project is dead due to the lack of updates and information. That assumption however, would be wrong! The only change is that rather than being developed for DSiWare, the game has made its way back to the PC (where it all began). I've started a thread for the game if you'd like to check it out:

Although it is now just for the PC, the game is exactly what was to be made for DSiWare. I hope I didn't cross any lines by posting essentially a non-DSiWare message here, but thought I owed it to everyone who expressed interest in the project to let them know what became of it.



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