Topic: Image burn while screen is off - how??

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I just borrowed my friend's DSi XL, and I have now twice experienced pseudo-image-burn-in while the DS has been closed.

Yesterday, I closed it before falling asleep for a few hours. Upon opening it again, I discovered that a section of white-colored pixels had somehow burned into the screen. I looked into it, and people confirmed that these screens are in fact susceptible to such things, but the burn would dissipate after leaving the DS off for a while. It was pretty severe-looking damage, but only took about 45 minutes to completely disappear.

Today, I left it closed for less than an hour, and some white pixles had begun burning into the screen again.

I've looked around and have seen no other stories in which the screen was burned while the DS was CLOSED, so I decided to register and post this question myself. Can anyone explain this?

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