Topic: I got 1,000 points for free, Will they expire?

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Because I'm waiting for GB and GBA downloads (If they ever come out) because none of the DSiWare games look good. I downloaded the web browser since it was free. But do my Nintendo points expire? I know GB and GBA games are coming out but I don't know when? I know we won't get Virtual Console games for the DSi (There's not enough buttons for Nintendo 64 and NeoGeo games) but GB and GBA games would work.

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No they will not expire since once their in your DSi shop account they cannot expire
By the way they are Nintendo points not easter candy lol

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i still have all my 1000 points too. nothing really interests me on DSiWare now. maybe ill get aquia if nothing better comes along soon.



Aquia is a blast if you like puzzle-matchy games like Tetris and its ilk.

It's true there sure isn't much in there right now, but I'm more willing to take a chance on games when they're free! I know I'll want more in the future but with a max price of 800 pts, it's still a bargain.



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