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Topic: I found a Guitar Hero adapter for DS Phat...

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Its pretty much new, I just thought it was a replacement but I took a closer look at it and then, bam.

Does anybody want it or want to trade for it, its totally useless to me.

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They sell those for $5 bucks at Big Lots, no one wants them, since it only works on a DS Phat.

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Like an idiot, I sold my DS phat to make the upgrade to DSi.

No more Guitar Hero for me. :(

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If you are looking for a trade you might also want to post in this thread here http://www.nintendolife.com/forums/general_discussion/the_new... although I dont know if you will find someone who would trade for it since as someone else stated it only works on the original DS model. Still who knows some may want it. Good luck to you.

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