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Okay, cool. I'll post my answer here now.

@Candy101 The videos are saved onto the SD card, but you can only watch them on a PC. Pictures will appear on your system's photos app however.

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@the_shpydar In the face of overwhelming public embarrassment, I thank you for your support, but I must hold my hands up about being too hasty to lock this one.

I usually hate locking threads, whatever the subject and however dead it was, provided the new post adds something relevant.

In this case I looked at the content of the post, and the age of the poster's account, and jumped to the conclusion that it was a one-visit-wonder that wanted to tap our beloved community for our knowledge in the quickest, least respectful, way possible.

So thank you, @Meowpheel, @Megumi_Sagano, and @Octane, for rescuing this poor innocent thread, and @Candy101 - please forgive my overbearing and arrogant handling of your enquiry. We here at NintendoLife welcome any genuine user, whatever their particular interest in our humble hangout, and for however long they intend to stay. I look forward to seeing you around the place in the future and am pleased that mystman12 has been able to offer you an answer to your issue.

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@gcunit There is no need for seppuku; you were absolutely right to lock it in the first place.

However, majority rules, of course. Even when it is wrong (a point that we Americans will sadly be reminded of come this November).

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lol thx u for answering my Qu i am very thankful for the answer now i can view my babys videos



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