Topic: How to load files found from QR codes in petit computer?

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Hi everybody,

I'm new here, I have pretty much 0.1% knowledge about BASIC and I didn't post in the existing petit thread because I was afraid my post would get washed away by the other posts of brains at work. Basically, here is my dilemma-

I found a qr code for a Petit game and scanned it (1/1 qr code if that helps). I can locate it on the file management page under COL but I have no idea how to load the damn thing. I've named it "Hi" and it now appears under the name "COL: HI". I went to "Write a program" and typed in -LOAD "Hi"-. A window popped up saying the file could not be found, so I tried typing in -LOAD"Hi"- and pretty much the same thing happened again. I tried typing in -LOAD"COL: Hi"- and I got something about an illegal command. So I'm stumped. Judging by the reasonably large Petit thread already here there must be somebody who knows the answer, so could anybody help please?

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A COL file is a color palette, not a program. What you run/execute are program files (PRG), and those are the only type that can load without the extension in the front (so LOAD "PRG:HI" and LOAD "HI" would load the same program)


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