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Hi... I'm new
I just wanted to ask a question because I'm having a little trouble getting something working.
My boys have a DS each and a copy of New Super Mario Bros each. They want to do Mario vs Luigi but I can't get it working.
I followed the manual as follows:
Both systems set to manual mode.
insert games and turn both on
select New Super Mario Bros (on both i presume)
select Mario vs Luigi (on both i presume)
select a character each
Then each system displays a message. One says "Looking for Mario" and the other "Looking for Lugi"
This seems to stay like this for a long time and nothing else happens.
Does anyone have an idea what's up? Both consoles are sitting right beside each other, no objects or obstructions in between.
I know you're supposed to be able to do a Download Play using one cartridge as well but I haven't tried that yet.

Many thanks.



Honestly to me, it sounds like you are doing everything right. Give the download play a shot and see if that even works for them. Maybe that will give a little more insight where the problem is.

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Download play worked fine but two cartridge play still not working. No idea what the problem is



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