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I was wondering how many pokemon people have here. On my black version I have seen as of today 604 pokemon and of those I have data on 574. This is without even using pokemon transfer and also without trading with people I actually know. I really am lucky that I got this far just using gts negotiations.

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Excepting event Pokemon, my HeartGold has a full Pokedex.

I had a good chunk of the Black/White Generation and one of the event Pokemon, but eventually tired of it and traded it in.

May hop back on board with Black/White 2, while avoiding event Pokemon. I've found I want to replay my Pokemon games more than I want to hoard and collect Pokemon, so might as well just avoid the limited-time-only Pokemon



My pokedex is completed in Pokemon B&W.
Edit: I dont have meloetta/Keldeo and Genosect.

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Cipher wrote:

In Pokémon Black, seen 641 and obtained 641. Can't get the other eight at the moment, unless Wi-Fi or Global Link giveaways let me get them.

In Japan in a couple of months you can get Keldeo in an event as well as the one that looks like a little girl.

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RabidPikachu wrote:

In Japan in a couple of months you can get Keldeo in an event as well as the one that looks like a little girl.

Yeah, fingers crossed we'll get them soon. Japan also got a giveaway of Tornadus (for White) and Thundurus (for Black), so I'm hoping we get that as well so I can get Thundurus and Landorus. Other than those four, I can't get Celebi, Phione or Manaphy at the moment, and Genesect's a long way off yet, but I'm still happy to have 641. Never (kind of) completed a Pokédex before!


You can get manaphy and phione if you have pokemon diamond/pearl, AND pokemon ranger, AND 2 DS systems XD



Of course I've collected every single Pokemon.
^That could be a lie,I'm not sure.

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Hooray for Action Replay. It's the best 25 dollars I ever spent. I have at least one of every event Pokemon including 3 Victini, 4 Keldeo, 2 Meloetta, and 1 Genesect. Plus I have this cute little certificate for having all 649 Pokemon. Though it does sadden me that I hacked my game to do it, because it sort of takes away the fun of collecting them all. Plus you cannot fully enjoy bragging because people say you're a cheater, but to be quite honest I couldn't wait for the Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect events and I was sick of other AR owners hacking shinies and wanting shinies when I the only three shinies I had before were Porygon Z, Gyarados, and Zoroark. I have many shinies now and you'd be surprised what people will trade for a shiny.

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I have all 700 pokemon

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LordOtakWiiU wrote:

I have all 700 pokemon

There aren't quite that many yet and I'd appreiate anyone who comments to be honest about their collection and try not to be hateful or sarcastic please.

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On my White cart I have 409 I think registered as caught. I haven't tried to get any new ones for ages, though, at this point I only grind at Mount Silver. I'm sure over the games I've caught 'em all, except for 50-ish of the Unova ones, mostly the Black exclusives. I have many I haven't transferred to Gen V, and I have at least one version of every released event Pokemon, legitely, though. (I have about seven of those movie Arceus, yay multiple game cartridges and former K-Mart!) As for finishing, right now, I plan to play through HeartGold, transfer Pokemon I need from that, and maybe reset a Diamond or Pearl to complete that set. It's going to be annoying doing this because I don't have a definitive list of needs. And I'll have to catch SO. MANY. JUNKMONS. I don't think I'll bother with Unova until, at least, I get my team all the way to Level 100, despite how easy it is to transfer to it. I may just find the code for cloning, copy the ones I need to it, then get whatever else I need just to say it's done...

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I have caught all 646, no cheats! Has taken me and my brother years though.

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I still have a long way to go on White version :/

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I've seen and collected 635 Pokémon. I'm only missing a bunch of those rare event-only creatures, three of which are not yet available, as wel as two grass starters and their evolutions.

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I've gotten close many times since the first generation, but I've never caught them all.

I probably would have reached the goal in Yellow/Blue and Silver, had the former two not been stolen and the latter game's memory not become corrupted; seriously, I was, like, four Pokemon away from completing my Pokedex - I even had a freaking Celebi, and I never have any event Pokemon.

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I have all 151
End of story

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my action replay tore up..... but I have all of the event pokemon. I have mew, celebi, jirachi, deoxys, manaphy, phione, darkrai,shaymin, arceus, victini, and keldeo.

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nowhere close on any of mine. Although I did come close to all 151 on blue because my brother had the other copy.
and on platinum i had seen them all but hadn't caught them all.

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I just got a real Keldeo from gamestop. The event goes until October 6th so be sure to grab one.

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