Topic: How many blocks do you have left?

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My memory is as follows:

System Memory - 456

SD Card - 9,248

here is what I have on my system

Animal Crossing Calculator
Animal Crossing Clock
Bird & Beans
Brain Age Express: Math
Clubhouse Games Express
Dr. Mario Express
Mario Vs. Donkey Kong Minis March Again!
Mighty Flip Champs
Nintendo DSi Browser

When I added up the memory I had in Internal Memory plus the memory usage of all the games & Apps it adds up to 1,093 Blocks
Is 1,093 Block how much you start off with or did I lose some because it isn't a number that ends with a 0.

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@Odnetnin but he can wish cant he! =p
@Jadman950 u should get one, they r AWSOME! (srry to rub it in, but it's da truth)
and I have exactly 700 blocks left and I thought NINTY had learned there lesson with the wii, WE WANT TO PLAY GAMES OFF THE SD CARD, and ya it probaly will be a year or two before we get too!

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I have 863 blocks sadly because I only have the web browser, pictobits, paper airplane and birds&beans. I love typing on the dsi

The games worth waiting for are the best kinds.


I wonder when you'll be able to play games off of the SD card on the DSi.

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Danny+August wrote:

papermario128 wrote:

I have 371 blocks left in my dsi and I was just wondering how long will it take Nintendo for a storage solution because its only a matter of time before people start to complain.

You tell us, how long will it take before you start to complain?

I will complain as soon as I run out of system block space and have to keep switching each time a good game comes out ( most of the good games for some reason need +100 blocks)



People complain because some are too lazy to switch out the games on the SD card. At least I think you can do that.



812...I have only downloaded Mario vs DK and the internet browser.

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You can store DSiWare games on the SD card, but for some mentally retarded reasons, they didn't implement the option to run DS games OFF your SD card like they did with the Wii... Why they would want to put customers through that all over again is beyond me...It should've been like that form the start.

I myself have 265 blocks left. I have.

Mario vs Dk
Art Style Aquia
Art Style Pictobits
American Popstar (Shut up)
Birds and Beans
Paper Airplane
Real Soccer 2009
Mighty Flip Champs
Dr Mario Express
Opera Browser
Animal Crossing Clock/Calculator (shudder)
Mario Clock/Calculator (shudder)

lol and out of SHEER boredom I may download every other game... If I know I have the money to waste. Which I don't yet.



I know that. But you can use it as backup. That is good enough for me.



I have 799 in the DSi
And 7,556 on the SD card...

I only have The Browser (91 Blocks), Pyoro (12 Blocks) and Real Football 2009 (124 Blocks)
And 13 Photos (dunno how much blocks)

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


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595 blocks. Count them!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15......................................

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A 2g card will have 9999 blocks



I got just over 400....

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supa wrote:

I have 863 blocks sadly because I only have the web browser, pictobits, paper airplane and birds&beans. I love typing on the dsi

don't feel bad i got more than you 870 LOL

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Nothing! I Got All Games From Dsi Ware, The Full List From Europe! But I Got 1 Block Left And All The Games Are On My Sd Card!

Told You So!


I have 368 on my DSi and 9999 on my SD card (2 GB).



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