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ok when i 1st got my dsi i got
-200= 100
which leave me with 100 i got a nintendo point card today which am gonna buy m vs dk3,pictobits,mfc and pyro all that = 2000 so what can i do to that 100

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The only thing you CAN do is save it.

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use it for future game add ons like they had on guitar hero word tour. i had the same situation now im stuck with 100 points on my back and cant get it off well just wait they might make a dsi ware game with 1$ add ons

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I also have 100 leftover points, all you can do is hold on to them.

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A lesson i learnt when i first started downloading games for my Wii is not to spend points for the sake of spending them, even if you have enough for a game it is better to check it is a decent game & one you would enjoy. You will only end up annoyed when a game does come out that you really want, you are short 100 points and lumbered with a game or app you don't even like.


You have 2100 poiints.
M VS. DK -800
MFC -800
Pictobits -500
That's - 2100. You can't get pyoro and you won't have any points left over

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Just save 'em. If you ever get a $20 2000 pts card, you can get 2 500 pt games, 3 300 pt game and another 200 pt game!


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i had 100 bought 2000 got 2 800 ponits and 1 500 points



Save em and get a points card.

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Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 3 (I still need to get this. )
And 500pt game (I reccomend any Art Style or Dr. Mario)

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thats what i got MFC,mario vs dk and pictobits
Also what i do with 1000 points is 1 200 and 1 800 or 2 500



thats what i got MFC,mario vs dk and pictobits
Also what i do with 1000 points is 1 200 and 1 800 or 2 500



lol i hav 100 to and i feel like i wasted my 500 points on kings knight the game isnt that good (should have bought dlc for mlaak)

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No,seriously save the points.



What castlehominid99 said.

ballistikboy wrote:

...3 300 pt game...

300 point game? wtf

he said 100 not 1000

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