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hello all. i recently bought a r4 from a used games seller in my city and cant seem to get it to work. it is the original r4 not knock off. ive tried many different firmwares but all end up the same stuck on the loading screen. the card only says r4 Revolution for DS (NDSL/NDS) i am trying this on my ds lite which is using a newer card that works but it will eventually be used by my dsi. can someone please link to the proper firmware



It's one thing to discuss R4s and such, but there won't be any firmware linking going on here please - please read the Community Rules.

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You'll probably have better luck doing a google search and looking in sites dedicated to R4s. Discussion about those are generally taboo here.

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You have to have a couple of files on the micro SD card, including the kernel. It depends on which R4 card you have. There are various websites which have the files you need. Shouldn't take too long to find.

I have an R4 myself but I only use it to test games to see if I like them or not before buying. I like having the genuine games in my collection.

The R4 is also good for emulation on DS.

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