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My son just got one given to him with one game cartridge. Of course he wants more games, I know we can order more but is there anyway to do like digital download at all?

I don't know anything about game systems so excuse the lack of knowledge lol



Unfortunately the DSi digital shop is no longer in service. However you should be able to easily find many cheap and/or used games for it.

Your son's model will be able to play any games marked as being for the "Nintendo DS". This is regardless of region, any DS game will be ok. Except...

Games marked as being for the "Nintendo DSi", or DS games that claim they are "DSi enhanced" are region locked, so that means they need to be from the same geographical region as the system. For example, if your DSi is American it won't read DSi games made for Japanese or European regions.

Games marked as being for the "Nintendo 3DS" are not compatible with your son's system.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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