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Im surprised nobody has made a thread about this anyway, is there anyone out there that cant wait for its release? and what if your favorite part of heartgold or soulsilver? and which version are you gonna buy? My favorite part is that pokemon will be able to follow you around! and i will buy soulsilver....
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i will probably get heart gold



I'm going to get SoulSilver for sure. I played Silver back in the day, so it's got more nostalgic value, and (this may sound really weird and backwards) I like Ho-Oh better than Lugia, so it deserves the rightful place as strongest Legendary in the game. Plus SoulSilver is a hundred times cooler as a title than HeartGold.

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Silver is my fav as of now, so I'm likely to get that remake. Hope it doesn't take too long to make it out of Japan.

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I'm going to get gold to bring back memories of the simple days of Pokemon. Only 251 pokemon. Personally I can't wait to hear the remade music in it. Gold contains some of my favorite video game music pieces ever.

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I think the Pokemon walking with will be pretty cool!
I'm definitely getting SoulSilver, cause Lugia is waaaaaaaaaaay better than Ho-Oh.

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I'm so excited for HG and SS. But now my awesome legends from the GCN games will be worthless.


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<3GOLD all the way for me because everybody else is getting Soul Silver.

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im getting silver because i have original silver and i wanna see if this new remake can have me playing it over 100 hours like the old one did . in silver i also got both Ho-oH and Lugia

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I loved the originals back then and I cannot wait for the new ones to come out, Gold and Silver were by far my most favorite pokemon games ever and I hope that these will be as good!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nostalgia is forcing me to buy it. And I'm not all that old.

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My favorite part was going back to Kanto and fighting Red.

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Ah! Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal, the game that was pretty much anything I hoped it would be. The perfect sequel game.

I remember being so excited about this game. I immediately rushed to the store to buy it and, my goodness, what a blast it was!

There was almost everything the old games had to offer and much, much more. And the many strange new faces I came across such as Cyndaquil, Steelix and Pichu. The new pokémon were cool, but after these games, the creatures really felt uninspired. In Diamond, Pearl and Platinum many of the new creatures were the same as older ones and about half of them evolved from or into them. But in Gold/Silver it still felt fresh and finding out that your old favorites could turn out to be evolved pokémon or evolve into more powerful ones was still cool. And some of them were of strange new types: Dark? Steel? And let's not forget the moment you discovered the Day Care Centre had two slots so you could breed pokémon.

And the Johto region was a lot of fun too, with lots of new towns, more Team Rocket buildings, new gyms and eight new badges to collect. And once you collected those, you could return to Kanto to battle a remixed Elite four and collect the older badges with new gym leader teams and some gyms having different leaders.

Then there were many subtle but big things that improved the game such as new stats to keep an eye on and the ability to equip items such as berries, which were also introduced in this game.

The best part of the game, for me, was Goldenrod City. It was great arriving there after the long trek through Ilex Forest and that route were you could breed pokémon. With that catchy tune, the bike and flower shops, the basememt, the Dept. Store and off course the Radio Tower it was great because there was alot of stuff to see. And getting rid of that pesky Miltank in the fight against the leader was a pain.

In a sense this game is were the formula really was rounded up even though the framework was laid in the first game. Having seen only subtle improvements since, no game in the series will probably be able to top it anymore. However, a remake adding the features from th later games is more than welcome. I hear even the added plotlines from the Crystal version are back including Eusine which Crystal fans will remember.

Because of my nostalgia, I will probably enjoy this game better than Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, een though those are not just remakes. For me nothing can top the Game Boy Color versions, they are still the best and will be even better on the DS, definitely without the broken save-batteries that plague my old cartridges nowadays. Needless to say I cannot wait for this title. It seems kinda cool you can have your favorite partner follow you like Pikachu could in Pokémon Yellow but now with ANY of the nearly 500 creatures.

I will first get HeartGold, especially if SoulSilver still has the rare yet worthless version exclusive Delibird.

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