Topic: Has anyone else had this problem: Text faded onto DSi screen

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"Solosis gained 204 Exp. Points!" is stuck on my DSi XL screen. Idk what happened, I was playing and put it away, then came back and see it had fallen off the seat but it was only a 2 foot to soft carpet. Now I turn it on (no matter what game I play) and there's that text slightly faded into the screen.

Does this have a solution?

Edit: It fades over time. I guess problem solved now. Mods, you can lock this if you want unless someone still has this problem.

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I know burn-in is common on old arcade games (such as I can remember once seeing a Mortal Kombat machine that had the Pac-Man maze burned into the monitor, visible when the MK demo loop went into a black screen), but I'd have expected it to only occur when the same exact image was displayed for months, years at a time. Wouldn't expect it happen on a DSi (that I assume only briefly displayed that before you turned the console off?)



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